سه‌شنبه 29 آذر‌ماه سال 1390
Author: رضا

A Faint Smell of The Light

Is it really true? Have you heard anything about it. The message was quite clear. She was lost her virginity. What a shame, also ,he was thinking to himself. mmm...Impressive. He was dreaming the scene with one eye open the other semi-opened with a fainted smell that get through his head, when a passenger push the add button and suddenly appeared beside him.

Try to ignore her, he was telling himself, in which he could focus on the scene. Whether it was true or not he was enjoying it as the smell goes deep into and make him fainted. Or maybe it was the light that was fainting step by step. He doesn't know it really. You know, his mind was captured here.

what is a womb really. It's like this, You born and you came out from there, asking yourself what a big biggie world it is and for you the new - born - one (yeah I'm talking to you, you watching the monitor now, shut the hell up and don't say anything just listen) this is the biggie world and also there , as you know , was a biggie for your little friend that his head chopped off by the rulers of the inner world. he (the little friend i mean) thought that was a big one.

The astronomers say so about the whole universe, they are always bubbling that what they have found is a big one. but he, now with two eyes open, walking directly to the payload dream station of the past, doesn't think the biggie is what all the above are saying. His majesty sees the situation like this.

She lost her virginity not once as they say but twice. You came out from there and that's the key to start of the end. And that's where exactly she lost her virginity again,you know what i mean, where you die and come out from the womb again. Soon after that, You shocked by the new situation, could not go back and also you remember the oath you bubbled at the first day before You've been sent to the start point.

You have lost your cards, haven't you? You go through the hell and heaven to do the jobs and make them OK and all of that was just to go back to the start point. With the drops of shyness sweat on your forehead.

They played with you, didn't they? Send you to the womb with a memory loss of your oath and everything.hahahaha...uuuhahahhah.....fu
nny yeah. you come out from the womb wandering around, think you find the way and purpose. At last you come out from the womb again, the womb that is the world you were wandering in, my ,they played with you,didn't they?

He woke up insulting himself..... what nonsense his mind was going through the dream at the end of the payload dream station. Still doesn't know, was it the Light or him that goes fainted.

Well how could he know, he was shocked and he was out of the womb looking at a similar face looking at him with a semi - chopped - off - head and a siren that was going far and away.

Suddenly He remembered the oath and I couldn't hear anything more nor remember the oath.She was lost her virginity. What a shame, also ,he was thinking to himself and now he was part of the scene dreaming moments ago. It was all just an eternal doom.

Typed by : The Child Inside Looking for a new body after the accident