سه‌شنبه 29 آذر‌ماه سال 1390
Author: رضا

Knowledge, Cure or the Curse

I don't know why, but it has been like this long ago till now. When they pull you out of womb, all you do is to understand and find new things.

The start is putting everything in your mouth and then touching them. One is hot and the other is cold and sometimes it's soft. You know what, from the milky breast to sharp knife, cold water to furious oven.

You get bigger and you start watching and learning what the elders do. You find friends and you learn from them too. You are reading books now and it's just for fun and knowing more and more.

One day you came to this resolution that you have surpassed your parents, teachers and many other people. Maybe you get shocked or maybe snobbish. Or at least you may ask yourself: "So what? Why I went to hell of all that stuff." Maybe you think that's enough and maybe not. Who knows for real?

I have experienced a really special kind of feeling, something complex between sorrow, fun and pity. There are more to this but can't be described by me. It happened twice in my whole life. 

The first one happened when I was in 5th grade of elementary school. Dad bought a book that has all the answers to the questions which the books in school were asking. Some kind of manual you can say. He starts admiring his chose and how great the book is.

The other day I have the book in my bag while I see our teacher tore the same book apart and send it to trash can. For a second my little heart stops beating as I remember how I was admiring the book earlier before the class starts. "Please don't tell the teacher I have the same book, please" my mind was appealing.

I never told dad about the incident as he asks about the usefulness of the book the next day. I know that the book would ruin all the stuff that our teacher wants our little minds to find. Think about it, you have the answer, so why using your brain.

Well as you see, it cured the brain in the same time it curses it with sorrow and sadness.

It's mother's turn now. She also bought a book in software learning category. Well a completely outdated one. You know, she was admiring herself for buying the big useful book so cheap.

Told myself not tell her and let those eyes of hers glaze like the sun and have that magic of success in them.

Hard to come to a result, don't you think. What do you say now? Is knowledge a cure or a curse? Why it's always the next generation that have to bear the burden and loneliness as they got arrogant and forget to listen to the experienced ones near them.

It's Cure or the Curse. Which one?? !

Reza is still confused.