سه‌شنبه 29 آذر‌ماه سال 1390
Author: رضا


Everything seems constant. I feel like I'm clinched to the wall of eternity of  " hey you have to be there and no more talks."

                         les montres molles by Salvador Dalí

That's the fate of the universe or something like that I think. Nothing's moving forward or backward where I'm standing and it's really give you a dull feeling. A nothingness that you want to ignore but it's in the air you're breathing and it's lemon-like taste is teasing you.

Bitch........... the issue is hard to explain. I'm not saying it's bad or anything. It's just It's not like me anymore. I'm going through things I don't want to and I don't like to but it seems it's what people call living. Maybe I was some dead thing that I haven't seen it all these years.

Now the boss is talking and you need sympathy but actually he is saying : " that's how life is and the sons will endure for the mistake of the father. have you forgotten your oath......" 

I cover my ears and take a deep breath then it starts fading. yeeeeeeeaaaah...... Hoorrrrrrrrrrrrray (as I can say such a thing.LOL)

Boss, I need sympathy not sermon. don't you see it man, life is against the rules of this company and the company itself is changing, so you can't trust it to remain stable and be a constant yourself. don't tell me it's another one of those loyalty test you are making up. Have anyone has ever told you that they are few who pass and who says I want to pass. I like the teacher and the boss so I want to see him again and again. 

Maybe not a proud one, but not scared to say:
"I love you ,man."

P.S: Lemon-like taste.... you know I like lemon. it's my favorite. It has a deep meaning. you put it in your mouth and for seconds it's heaven for minutes its bitterness is there. Maybe you do so in your everyday life. minutes of joy for a day of bitter. days for month and month for years. you can't even think about it. so don't eat lemon and leave it to me.

P.S2: I'm not sure if it has any relation with what I'm saying on top, but you may find it if you get serious.

فی الجمله اعتماد مکن بر ثبات هیچ (یا دهر یا هرچی اون بینوا گفته)         کاین کارخانه ایست که تغییر می کند
P.S3(It's not play station I'm sure you know it's post script) : My tongue ( you know he is a funny guy) can't say "rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr", so it gets simple why I can't say hoorrrrrrrrrrrrray