سه‌شنبه 29 آذر‌ماه سال 1390
Author: رضا

Peace in Cover of War

I don't really know what's happening to me these days...It all started with the thoughts of a better world..having a better one...so he starts to talk and say everything he wants and I can't stop him.

I should have listened to Mehdi (an older friend) when he warns me: "don't allow him to surround You.". now I know what he means.

He was quiet for about 3 years. he was with me every where,He laughs he talks.. even he thoughts...everything. but when i tell him: "hey stop there..that's enough." he would listen.but now he isn't listening to me at all.

he starts talking till he make me tired of everything. now I know why it's happening. I have a weak personality and he is the one that has all those good things...creativity...courage.... so I have to let him out.

think about it...now my child inside is not listening to me and he talks for himself without permission and that's happening because of my weakness.

When an event happens and it makes me sad like losing friends or some executions of justice...he comes out to make the things right...so he actually is helping me to escape from the bad moments of my life but with all those dreams that he make out of me and it's not the real thing.

so if I want to say it simple... he needs to live and he don't like any problems and he just need happiness and nothing more. See...when two don't trust each other the strength each possess will diminish.(Zangetsu's words)

Yeah..I'm calm..I'm OK...but no one would understand how hard it is to fight against a stronger one.
the only thing I can do is to try it. don't fall into this trap that cause I'm laughing everything's OK. It's just a War in the cover of peace for me and a Peace in the cover of war for him.

Reza and the Child Inside.