سه‌شنبه 29 آذر‌ماه سال 1390
Author: رضا

Emptiness, The Me and The You

I feel empty....

that's simple...and I don't know why...I think I'm a sinusoid wave that goes up and down and so it's easy to understand... now I'm in the zero spot .

Last week at a time like this I was walking on the bridge to Eraqaat that I see You Coming up. what a beautiful scene....It's mine but I really want to share it to the others

You were dancing and coming up from the darkest nowhere that every man will have the fear in his heart to check it. You Step up with every step of me and with every step you get near.

My heartbeats went high when I think of touching you and I wish no one see me while doing that.....But the moment I was ready to catch you...you disappeared....

It was my friend's cry that woke me up on edge of the bridge... I was standing and you were under me...In a moment of hopelessness I was jumping off the bridge to the dark river because I've thought you left me behind....You Bastard...

We've been gathered again...but you still are more energetic than me after the match. when we were turning left to the yellow colored alley by the bulbs...you went up the nearest building and start shaking your hand for me...You Bastard...
The Me and The You...My Naughty Shadow that never stops following and torturing me  

Reza and The Shadow