سه‌شنبه 29 آذر‌ماه سال 1390
Author: رضا

Barbie , SMN and Reza

I have two days with too many coincidences. I saw three people twice and I barely see them in this little town of mine. Weird...Maybe not. but think about it. every thing has a reason.


She is some kind of freak girl walking up and down in a certain place of this town and she is a exact match to a barbie doll. as thin as....with a pink headband and pink handbag. seeing her twice has its reasons....she is roaming but don't know what she is up to. A Barbie


She is something really different. no real friendship, I always heard about her here and there. she is gentle, kind, cute and serious. one of the people that I can't look direct into the eye. there are some who make my heart beats faster and she is one of them. I don't have any real feeling about her...Think it's some kind of passion that I'm controlling. that's what everyone should do to not cross the line.

She just once smile on me and make me feel shy. She doesn't mean it but surely she know the effect of her movements on the others and she uses them in the correct time. That's what makes her the one

I'm sure she doesn't even remember me.


He is an old friend. seeing him was the remembrance of the old days of school. he himself is not important , he wasn't a real friend anyway. but seeing a familiar face make you remember ones you've liked one day.

make you think what are they doing know. something tickles you to pick up the phone and call them.call them.......that's crazy. what makes me to not go to my school anymore, is, there is no joy to see a school empty of your friend. every rock in that place knows about our craziness, fears and punishments.

one of the most joyful punishments was from our English teacher. he makes us to stand with open hands in the air like a tree, out of the class, where everyone would see you if he was passing by. It was a combination of joy , fear and shyness.

the days that we have passed were charming. hope they could happen again.