جمعه 2 تیر‌ماه سال 1391
Author: رضا

Dark Side

The line of life is not one steady simple line...it has a changing pattern that u can't simply analyze with any mathematical equation or theory.


human being while they are living beings are the same.when dead in despite of what u believe they are not in this complex equations.well, not exactly as the ghost stories and movies are saying but they can't lay a finger,although their deeds and memories can be added to the equations.


When i think about myself and why I'm thinking about such a complex thing when it can be too much easier i hear loud cries and shouts in mahead.


Has it happened to u.u are cheerful and helpful and charming and full of hope and the next week is disastrous darkness.


actually i think everyone has its ups and downs but in such a managing way then there is no doubt that u have dark side.the dark side comes out and lured u to its hidden traps and make you move in such a creative and blessing way that everyone may get something's off but in hell they can't prove it.


Yeah.... that's what a dark side is about. Playing hides and seeks with everyone for an ambition.can we say then the ambition is dark? or what it's doing is wrong so easily? can we?



leaves bathing in the sun while roots grow in the darkness!


Reza....dark or what!!?