چهارشنبه 11 بهمن‌ماه سال 1391
Author: رضا

!! Too Far She is

I have a friend from US. 

Despite the fact that she sometimes scares me with the stories of her life, when I put aside the hallucinations of her being a spy and that's what we get from the poisonous media, I see a normal person with troubles unbelievably human.

I like chatting with her. It's fun and I can't feel the passing of time. She have some good advice and I wonder if she uses those advice in her life too. She sometimes worried about me and it's more than my mom's worries.   She lives a more restrictive life than me and it really surprises me.

Believe it or not, there are hundreds of people in my life, some very kind and sincere, but there are very few that you can talk to them about anything you want. 

I have learned through the years that I'm not gonna be sorry for the cultural differences.

I try to focus on the similarities I have with the person I'm talking to. 

With that knowledge I've seen many whom their heart starts to beat for me as mine would stop if something happens to them... too far, too near … 

Reza, A friend from Iran