سه‌شنبه 29 آذر‌ماه سال 1390
Author: رضا

Parasitical Paradoxical

There is no way I could understand what's going on. I'm pretty sure I'm feeling very well but at the same time I'm sure something's not right. That kind of understanding really hurts.

Paradox 1 (2005) by Robert Pepperell, Oil on panel, 46cm x 60cm

I wish I could be a forgotten dimwit that no one's looking for and at the same time I feel I need the world stops orbiting because of my gravity. I really hate paradox and I know that without it there is no moving forward.

why is so.... come to think of it, these past days are making me believe that there was no meaning in life in the first place and that's why he created love and that's where I hate to confess: " that I need love not some sentimental prison." I'm sure there would be conclusions like always but I really like to be clear in this....

what's the use of loving someone else, impossibly breakable while there is a perfect being and yes, again, at the same time I know with all my heart, how a descending creature could go back to its place without completely understanding a real love without making love with some descending one like himself.

I really like to care about all the stuff but that's not my type and let all those paradoxical things think that they could stuck you. For sure I'm flying in this birdless sky and that's................