یکشنبه 13 بهمن‌ماه سال 1392
Author: رضا

The ones I Hate

The ones I hate the most are the people who are so friendly and well speaking that you would share all your secrets with them without knowing that they will use all you have shared against you

There are some more monstrous. Those are whom will learn something from you, instead of being thankful, easily forget the teacher and how they learned it and use the info against the same person without blink

What I try to give these people from now on is greetings and deep silence


The silencer 

چهارشنبه 16 اسفند‌ماه سال 1391
Author: رضا

The Driver

I'm waiting for a taxi with two other guys. He turns a u-turn and comes to get us. He signals us to get into his car. the moment I get in I feel something is not right.I don't know if it's me or all the people are like this but when entering a new atmosphere I can feel it if something is different. I don't want to exaggerate but I really can.

when I'm walking I can see someone's head suddenly comes out a window, no matter how far, high or blank the spot is, I can feel and then look towards that direction. and here in this car something's off.
چهارشنبه 11 بهمن‌ماه سال 1391
Author: رضا

!! Too Far She is

I have a friend from US. 

Despite the fact that she sometimes scares me with the stories of her life, when I put aside the hallucinations of her being a spy and that's what we get from the poisonous media, I see a normal person with troubles unbelievably human.

جمعه 26 آبان‌ماه سال 1391
Author: رضا


This is the first time I'm speaking of this after a decade. A decade that changed my life and everyone. A decade of chaos and losing the humanity we always honored. It all started with me feeling lonely at a party. I hardly remember others and I don't recall any name or face... But I remember being lonely in a party. Those kinds of feelings you get when you think about losing a part of your family. Well, I don't really recall the feeling anymore either but I think it's like a growing hole in your heart and an emptiness that can't be endured.

جمعه 31 شهریور‌ماه سال 1391
Author: رضا

A Guide

It's me wondering around and suddenly I feel someone is watching me... 


A horn will blow and someone calls.....

Someone will call from behind.....

Someone will approach me from 2 o'clock.....


And these are just the least that happened to me. They all want the same thing...in their eyes they are in the middle of nowhere and they are seeking somewhere

If I want to put it simply in words, they are asking for an address. They ask about different places and I answer differently every time.